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Location: muskogee, ok. - Posted 25 Dec 2007, 07:52:33 GMT
Email: k5sw [at] arrl [dot] net

Sam Whitley-K5SW em25

Nev, I come here from time to time to hear ur audio clips (I'm there) & qsl's (I'm there).I consider myself serious like you on 50 mhz.High antenna @22m, shorter one for e skip or switch two directions.Power 400 wts,use cw & watch band daily (retired),check prop info & bcns, so don't miss much. Guys like you are an inspiration to us to maximize our contacts during -short-weak openings. Age is 72, been on 6 since '58,missed a lot while working but have 141 conf. DXCC on 6 mtrs.Will be watching as next cycle "Rears its head",to jump on it. Internet is a boon to knowing whats on the band,unlike 50's-70's until 28.885 in late '70's. Looks like next cycle could be a good one-expext N/S prop by Mar '09 & E/W prop maybe by Nov '09-then go on thru 2013 ?

Location: Central - Posted 22 Jan 2006, 02:53:02 GMT
Website - Email: W6JKV [at] w6jkv [dot] com [dot] us

Jimmy W6JKV

great site Nev and I respect your country list from VK too hi - Jimmy W6JKV

Location: NSW?newcastle - Posted 3 Jan 2006, 19:31:09 GMT
Email: cherylsearles [at] kooee [dot] com [dot] au


I Find this site verry intresting. im trying for my Ham License (Foundation) and i hope too catch up with all the People im hearing out hear on the sound Files... butt i recern u should putt some sound files on 2- 6 Meter Repeaters......good work anyway keep it up. Walter searles

Location: Sydney - Posted 2 Jan 2006, 16:30:14 GMT
Website - Email: vk2kfj [at] yahoo [dot] com [dot] au

Steve VK2KFJ

Nev, just seeing what you are up to, the new pic gives me better idea how u r situated. Also have a look at Dave's mountain top, much more cleared for VHF now. Recent tests proved we can work Sydney on 2m.

Location: Inyokern Ca - Posted 17 Nov 2005, 09:45:09 GMT
Website - Email: sawjim [at] ridgenet [dot] net

Jim Leonard

ya were posted on the Magic Band 11/17/05 great web site for a guy that walks upside down?

Location: 19a Alpine Crescent, Grindelwald - Posted 14 Nov 2005, 11:29:09 GMT
Email: vk2zxc [at] tpg [dot] com [dot] au


Hi Nev, Have moved QTH to here 850ft. above Tamar River Setting up for next cycle on 6m. 73 Norman VK2ZXC VK2xc VK7AC

Location: Victoria - Posted 9 Nov 2005, 17:52:07 GMT
Website - Email: vk3six [at] wia [dot] org [dot] au


I was your first DX qso on 6M, now the apprectice shows the master the way, . Its good to be in your company de VK3SIX

Location: Hargraves - Posted 29 Jun 2005, 13:00:00 GMT
Website - Email: vk2six [at] vk2six [dot] com


Welcome to my Guestbook!

Location: New Delhi, India - Posted 20 May 2004, 21:47:35 GMT
Website - Email: mailto:callsign [at] yahoo [dot] com


Nice Site, Hope to work in the near future, All the best , 73

Location: Worcester, Westen Cape South Africa - Posted 8 Mar 2004, 16:11:02 GMT
Email: mailto:zr1aez [at] nanzi [dot] co [dot] za


Hi VK2QF, Thank you for a all the information on your website. I am looking for a replacement LCD Unit for my Yaesu FT-690R. Yaesu, USA & UK, don't stock it anymore. Any suggestions/advice on anything to be used as a replacement? Thank you. 73 Johan ZR1AEZ

Location: El Paso, Texas USA - Posted 12 Jan 1970, 13:46:40 GMT
Email: mailto:ainick [at] aol [dot] com

Warren (Nick) Nicholson K8CZK

Nice site. Hope to hear you on SIX

Location: Maplewood, MN USA - Posted 14 Aug 2003, 01:20:40 GMT
Email: ss [at] 102x [dot] com


Location: munich Germany - Posted 12 Aug 2003, 01:10:40 GMT
Email: webmaster [at] lms-web [dot] de


Great site! Keep it running! Marc

Location: ICELAND - Posted 5 Aug 2003, 13:36:25 GMT

The REAL Viking

Location: Pretoria, South Africa - Posted 10 May 2003, 21:40:22 GMT
Email: bothmafc [at] Telkom [dot] co [dot] za

Chris (FC) Bothma


Location: australia - Posted 6 Mar 2003, 15:03:12 GMT
Email: schiemer



Location: Hamburg, Deutschland - Posted 6 Mar 2003, 11:56:41 GMT
Email: pleasenospam [at] pkv-links [dot] de

Martin Schmidt

I was just surfing by and thought I could say hello in the guestbook... 5P

Location: scotland - Posted 28 Feb 2003, 03:50:59 GMT
Email: david [at] lorraine61 [dot] freeserve [dot] co [dot] uk

david hamilton

hi.. brilliant web page and info.. regards.. david

Location: Ottawa, Canada - Posted 13 Jan 2003, 02:25:36 GMT
Email: ve3lab [at] msn [dot] com

Larry Bishop

Greetings from VE3LAB

Location: Bad, SA australian - Posted 17 Dec 2002, 16:52:01 GMT

Helen And Richard Mattick

Dad, Cool, but we need more pics of the farm and you guys. Lots of love Helen and Richard. Well I'm working on it but don't hold your breath!

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