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Location: Hargraves - Posted 3 Mar 2017, 03:37:55 GMT
Website - Email: nospam [at] vk2six [dot] com

The owner

This site seems to have had a lot of files deleted in a hosting error perhaps? Back on air now though.

Location: muskogee, ok. - Posted 25 Dec 2007, 07:52:33 GMT
Email: k5sw [at] arrl [dot] net

Sam Whitley-K5SW em25

Nev, I come here from time to time to hear ur audio clips (I'm there) & qsl's (I'm there).I consider myself serious like you on 50 mhz.High antenna @22m, shorter one for e skip or switch two directions.Power 400 wts,use cw & watch band daily (retired),check prop info & bcns, so don't miss much. Guys like you are an inspiration to us to maximize our contacts during -short-weak openings. Age is 72, been on 6 since '58,missed a lot while working but have 141 conf. DXCC on 6 mtrs.Will be watching as next cycle "Rears its head",to jump on it. Internet is a boon to knowing whats on the band,unlike 50's-70's until 28.885 in late '70's. Looks like next cycle could be a good one-expext N/S prop by Mar '09 & E/W prop maybe by Nov '09-then go on thru 2013 ?

Location: Central - Posted 22 Jan 2006, 02:53:02 GMT
Website - Email: W6JKV [at] w6jkv [dot] com [dot] us

Jimmy W6JKV

great site Nev and I respect your country list from VK too hi - Jimmy W6JKV

Location: NSW?newcastle - Posted 3 Jan 2006, 19:31:09 GMT
Email: cherylsearles [at] kooee [dot] com [dot] au


I Find this site verry intresting. im trying for my Ham License (Foundation) and i hope too catch up with all the People im hearing out hear on the sound Files... butt i recern u should putt some sound files on 2- 6 Meter Repeaters......good work anyway keep it up. Walter searles

Location: Sydney - Posted 2 Jan 2006, 16:30:14 GMT
Website - Email: vk2kfj [at] yahoo [dot] com [dot] au

Steve VK2KFJ

Nev, just seeing what you are up to, the new pic gives me better idea how u r situated. Also have a look at Dave's mountain top, much more cleared for VHF now. Recent tests proved we can work Sydney on 2m.

Location: Inyokern Ca - Posted 17 Nov 2005, 09:45:09 GMT
Website - Email: sawjim [at] ridgenet [dot] net

Jim Leonard

ya were posted on the Magic Band 11/17/05 great web site for a guy that walks upside down?

Location: 19a Alpine Crescent, Grindelwald - Posted 14 Nov 2005, 11:29:09 GMT
Email: vk2zxc [at] tpg [dot] com [dot] au


Hi Nev, Have moved QTH to here 850ft. above Tamar River Setting up for next cycle on 6m. 73 Norman VK2ZXC VK2xc VK7AC

Location: Victoria - Posted 9 Nov 2005, 17:52:07 GMT
Website - Email: vk3six [at] wia [dot] org [dot] au


I was your first DX qso on 6M, now the apprectice shows the master the way, . Its good to be in your company de VK3SIX

Location: Hargraves - Posted 29 Jun 2005, 13:00:00 GMT
Website - Email: vk2six [at] vk2six [dot] com


Welcome to my Guestbook!

Location: New Delhi, India - Posted 20 May 2004, 21:47:35 GMT
Website - Email: mailto:callsign [at] yahoo [dot] com


Nice Site, Hope to work in the near future, All the best , 73

Location: Worcester, Westen Cape South Africa - Posted 8 Mar 2004, 16:11:02 GMT
Email: mailto:zr1aez [at] nanzi [dot] co [dot] za


Hi VK2QF, Thank you for a all the information on your website. I am looking for a replacement LCD Unit for my Yaesu FT-690R. Yaesu, USA & UK, don't stock it anymore. Any suggestions/advice on anything to be used as a replacement? Thank you. 73 Johan ZR1AEZ

Location: El Paso, Texas USA - Posted 12 Jan 1970, 13:46:40 GMT
Email: mailto:ainick [at] aol [dot] com

Warren (Nick) Nicholson K8CZK

Nice site. Hope to hear you on SIX

Location: Maplewood, MN USA - Posted 14 Aug 2003, 01:20:40 GMT
Email: ss [at] 102x [dot] com


Location: munich Germany - Posted 12 Aug 2003, 01:10:40 GMT
Email: webmaster [at] lms-web [dot] de


Great site! Keep it running! Marc

Location: ICELAND - Posted 5 Aug 2003, 13:36:25 GMT

The REAL Viking

Location: Pretoria, South Africa - Posted 10 May 2003, 21:40:22 GMT
Email: bothmafc [at] Telkom [dot] co [dot] za

Chris (FC) Bothma


Location: australia - Posted 6 Mar 2003, 15:03:12 GMT
Email: schiemer



Location: Hamburg, Deutschland - Posted 6 Mar 2003, 11:56:41 GMT
Email: pleasenospam [at] pkv-links [dot] de

Martin Schmidt

I was just surfing by and thought I could say hello in the guestbook... 5P

Location: scotland - Posted 28 Feb 2003, 03:50:59 GMT
Email: david [at] lorraine61 [dot] freeserve [dot] co [dot] uk

david hamilton

hi.. brilliant web page and info.. regards.. david

Location: Ottawa, Canada - Posted 13 Jan 2003, 02:25:36 GMT
Email: ve3lab [at] msn [dot] com

Larry Bishop

Greetings from VE3LAB

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