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Location: Bad, SA australian - Posted 17 Dec 2002, 16:52:01 GMT

Helen And Richard Mattick

Dad, Cool, but we need more pics of the farm and you guys. Lots of love Helen and Richard. Well I'm working on it but don't hold your breath!

Location: TN USA - Posted 14 Dec 2002, 02:52:51 GMT
Email: gzustway [at] yahoo [dot] com

Saw a fan mod on the FT-100 group. Do you have any info on the fans? Manufactures name? Where you got them? Where they any quiter than the original? Thanks

Location: Adelaide, SA Australia - Posted 6 Dec 2002, 19:53:13 GMT
Email: sawtron1 [at] bigpond [dot] com

Roy Sachse

Keep up the good work

Posted 20 Nov 2002, 16:24:16 GMT

Sid K8ZES/2

Nice site. Hope to wrk a VK someday. In Mackay at this time visiting an old school chum but didn't bring any gear. Had a great F2 season last winter from western NY State (FN02) 73

Location: munich, germany - Posted 31 Aug 2002, 18:26:54 GMT


Very good site. Look also to this Forum and give info about 6m from VK. all weekend DL are on 50110 for VK from 08 to 12.00 UTC.

Location: Grafton, Ohio USA - Posted 10 Aug 2002, 14:24:28 GMT
Email: katewli [at] yahoo [dot] com


Just DX'ing on the web tonight, Nice site,KA8WLI

Location: OR USA - Posted 20 Jul 2002, 12:29:23 GMT
Email: davesplace1 [at] yahoo [dot] com


Great ham site,Thanks

Posted 28 May 2002, 14:13:40 GMT


Just Surfin.. Hello from Gold Coast Australia.. Well Done..

Location: huntington, West Virginia usa - Posted 15 Jul 2002, 23:52:05 GMT
Email: pstark [at] charter [dot] net

Pete Stark K4OM

Tnx for contact on 6 meters. my best dx ever. Pete K4OM

Location: Katikati, New Zealand - Posted 9 May 2002, 16:06:24 GMT
Email: antiqueradios [at] yahoo [dot] com


Your are lucky you can use 50 mhz. Its hopeless here where I am so havent put my Aerial up again. Besides no ones up on 51 megs or above often enough to make it worth my while. In out 20 years time they might get rid of Channel one. But these idiots in ZL are buying up the old VK ch0 transmitters and using them here. Just goes to show you how backward we are in ZL.

Location: Narangba, Qld Australia - Posted 13 Mar 2002, 17:02:21 GMT
Email: vk4dee [at] powerup [dot] com [dot] au

John Arnfield

Will look for you on 6 73 John

Posted 23 Feb 2002, 23:09:00 GMT
Email: hb9hlm [at] net2000 [dot] ch

Location: Ottawa, Ontario Canada - Posted 18 Dec 2001, 02:47:00 GMT
Email: Shelley [dot] Wild [at] tsb [dot] gc [dot] ca

Shelley Wild

Please: Do you know W. S. (Rick) Bremner who lives in or near Hargraves? If so, would you please wish him & his family a very happy Christmas from me. I would very much like to hear from him. My address is: Apt. 1110, 1833 Riverside Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 0E8, Canada. With thanks for your help. Yours truly, Shelley Wild

Location: Rylstone - Posted 20 Nov 2001, 14:25:00 GMT
Email: oatley [at] winsoft [dot] net [dot] au

Tom Burt

Hi Nev just having a sticky beak.

Location: gt.yarmouth, norfolk ENGLAND - Posted 29 Sep 2001, 06:26:00 GMT
Email: brian [dot] pearson16 [at] lineone [dot] net

brian pearson

As i have been in contact with a pal in MUDGEE i thought that i would have a nose around his home website--like your style aussie!!

Location: Bathurst, nsw Australia - Posted 16 Aug 2001, 11:17:00 GMT
Email: vk2xes [at] bigpond [dot] com

David Curry

Nice Site see you on 6

Location: unsleben, dl germany - Posted 5 Jul 2001, 20:11:00 GMT
Email: ngenhaag [dot] g [at] 01019freenet [dot] de

ingenhaag hans

very interesting home page.73 55 de hans dl8nbe zk2xo zk1nb 8q7be gu/gj/dl8nb

Location: issaquah, wa. usa - Posted 3 Jul 2001, 14:30:00 GMT
Email: pprm_ [at] yahoo [dot] com

pedro ramos

if you have any info on 6 meter ssb homebrew equipment please foward. i'm trying to build 6 meter equipment i cann't affort equipment. thank you n7vif

Location: montreal, quebec canada - Posted 9 Jun 2001, 01:50:00 GMT
Email: fgra [at] videotron [dot] ca

francois gravel

have nice day and enjoy 6m

Location: Boca Raton, Fl USA - Posted 25 May 2001, 10:37:00 GMT
Email: USymenare [at] aol [dot] com


Great site!

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